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My HP Labtop

Here are the specs:

1.1GHz AMD Duron
256 MB RAM
20 GB HD -> currently 15GB partitioned for Windows XP Pro & 5 GB Partitioned for Red Hat Fedora Core 1 ( Linux )
14.1" LCD Screen @ 1024x768 native resolution
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1
Red Hat Fedora Core 1
3 1/2" Floppy drive
2 USB Ports
VGA Port for hooking up to external monitors
Ethernet port
56k Modem port
Audio in port
Headphones/Audio out port
PC Card port for hooking to the wireless card & PC Cards

Here are some pics, I apologize for the blurriness in advance as I haven't used my mom's digital camera that much yet

When the laptop starts up you'll get this scren to decide wether to boot to Red Hat Fedora Core 1 (Linux) or Windows XP Pro

The Red Hat Fedora Core 1 boot screen

Fedora Core 1 desktop with Office menu programs

The Windows XP boot screen

Regular Windows XP Pro desktop

Some of the software on the labtop currently

Open & Word with Office XP Professional and lots of other stuff is on the laptop

From left to right:
* Security Lock slot * AC Power in * Optional S-Video out * 2 USB Ports * VGA out * SCUSI port * Labtop fan

From left to right
* 56K Modem port * Ethernet Port * Audio In port * Headphone/Audio Out Port * PCMCIA Port for Wireless cards,etc. * 3 1/2" Floppy drive *

From left to right
* Removable battery * DVD ROM drive *