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Tech News

MacOS X News

10.2.4 Upgrade is out.
The PowerPC @ 2.5Ghz?

Windows XP News

Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET which do you use ?

Welcome to NGenSD! v0.3.11 Alpha BUILD 2003030307

Coming Soon to NGenSD!

NoteTaker X v1.0: What is NoteTaker X you say? Well I really like MacJournal and Im just beginning to develop Cocoa Applications and I wanted to take on a challenge. To challenge myself I wanted to develop an app like MacJournal except more directed twords Education & taking notes for classes. You see I have to work in Windows XP Pro for classes and, because of all the code i write Im forced to use Wordpad and I wanted to see if I could develop my dream note taking app for Mac OS X. This app will be Open Source and distributed under the General Public License.

Updated COBOL BIBLE v1.2: Lots of errors fixed and mabey some CICS in it as well.

Upcoming Cocoa Developer Section: Links to usefull Cocoa Developer Sites and bits of info for Developers getting started on Mac OS X.

I created this website for both novice and advanced Developers (aka Programmers) to learn other languages and operating systems and how to better develop better and more efficient programs for all operating systems in many languages. The purpose of this website is to provide many references, links and tutorials to help you better understand how to program in a new language or for a new operating system like the many UNIX programmers who are now trying to develop programs for Mac OS X and other programmers who are learning how to convert a program from one operating system to another. The whole process of learning here involves studying the programming languages and going through tutorials and working on Open Source projects.

I guarantee you that all of the Mac OS X projects i create will be open source and available freely however because some of my projects involving C,C++,COBOL & Visual Basic were created for classes i cannot make them open source. Although these programs are great for learning the programming languages i can't share them, I will try and make similar programs based on them and make them open source. In general i wil try to make all the programs that i develop open source in time.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! - Hey im sorry I had intended to open this site with at least the Mac OS X. Visual Basic and C section open, but people I wanted to get the COBOL Bible back up and online. For those who want it you can find it here ---> COBOL Bible I will get the sections going soon. Im going to work on C and UNIX Shell Scripts first and then Visual Basic and Objective-C .

This page was made using Adobe GoLive v6.0 with all original graphics on this page created using Adobe Photoshop v7.0 in Mac OS Xv10.2 (aka Jaguar) on my PowerMac G4. Some programs and source code were created on my HP Notebook. In general it is reccomended that you use Mozilla or a Gecko based browser (like Chimera or Phoenix) to view this site with.