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Tech News

MacOS X News

10.2.1 Upgrade is out.
Dell is going to be selling Apples iPod soon.

Windows XP News

Visual Basic 6 or Visual Basic .NET which do you use ?

Welcome to NGenSD! v0.3.11 Alpha BUILD 2002103005

Hmm so you wanna know more about me the webmaster huh?

Hmm well where do i begin? Well I guess i'd put up a picture, but i don't have one that i'd upload on this site right now. I'll try and scan 1 or 2 in the near future i guess. Anyway im a 20 year old student attending IHCC (Indian Hills Community College) getting my AAS in Computer Programming and will eventually work twords getting a bachelors in Computer Enginering probably at Iowa State University. Yes im really into computers and games, but i can easily put down the controller and get out and socialize. For some reason im naturally shy socially, but it's a habbit im trying to break.

What else? Well currently im single and when i go back home on weekends i work at wendys to get some money for the things i need. I really want to get another job and get away from wendy's though. It's not horrible, but i just really want to work in an environment that doesn't require me to dish out 100 biggie fries an hour. For the geeks out there I use a Quicksilver Powermac G4 733Mhz w 640mb ram and Mac OS X v10.2.1 and on my Labtop i currently have Windows XP Professional and am planning on putting Red Hat Linux 8.0 on it soon.

Hmm well my favorite NFL team is the Packers and my favorite college team is the ISU Cyclones and I also like the Oklahoma Sooners, but i don't follow up on them reqularly. I don't play sports anymore, but i still train like i am at home. I run on a tredmill reqularly and try to do some weight training when i can. Well what else you wanna know punk? Eh well thats the just of me right up front only my friends know more. But hey come back to my site and i'll try and put more here.

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